Echoes and Signals

Echoes and Signals was formed in the beginning of 2012 in Tula, Russian Federation, as an instrumental trio. The band plays music influenced mainly by post-rock and progressive rock elements. Original lineup included Fedor Kivokurtsev(guitars, sound producing), Alexey Zaytsev(bass) & Vladimir Pozdyshev (drums).

Originally the band was formed just as an improvisation playground for the founding members, but lately it turned into a real project. Though basic music concepts: improvisation, emotions and naturalness were the same all the way. The result of all transformations was first 4-song EP album called “Comma”, recorded in July, 2012. Studio & composing work was always E&S priority, but the band gave single live performances during 2012. Also, in the end of the year a recording/composing process for the new EP that will be called “Ouroboros” was started.
The 2013 has begun from signing a contract with nanoBox Records (subdivision of Magnetic Eye Records) and plans for re-releasing “Comma” and new EP release during 2013.