The Right Words (of Confucio)

The Right Words (of Confucio) is the musical brainchild of Italy’s Alessandro Persi. Composing from live hardware tools, The Right Words (of Confucio) has an individual and unique sound that is deliberately minimal and organic.

Alessandro Persi started his career as a DJ in London in 1990. He became bored with the monotony of being a traditional DJ and began to create his own distinct style of original music using many types of drum machines and synthesizers.

Recently Persi has collaborated with Pianist Alessandro Deflorio, Saxophonist Lorenzo Fontana and Trombonist Tonino Micori of Viv La Vive and performed at the Mirabileco Festival in Umbria. Mixing acoustic and digital sounds with surreal imagery, their one of a kind performance has been well received by crowds fortunate enough to have witnessed it.